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Sunbelt Stud Welding


Stud welded fasteners offer many benefits over other fastening systems.


Energy used to produce the weld is strictly monitored and precisely controlled by our stud welding equipment. The amount of energy used is always the same, making the welds consistently strong.


The CD weld only penetrates a few thousandths of an inch, creating no burns or dimples on the reverse side. The fastener is surface-mounted to one side of the work piece thus eliminating ugly rivet heads, bolts, nuts, and washers.


Practically any metal can be adapted to stud welding. Aluminum, mild and stainless steel, copper, brass, and zinc are the most common metals used. However, "exotics" including titanium and inconel can also be used successfully in the stud welding process.


High production-you can load, position, and weld up to 30 times a minute. As many as 1,800 studs can be fastened per hour using automatic equipment. The rate for portable equipment can be up to 1,000 studs per hour with the use of automatic bowl feeders.


No need to drill or tap holes. No need to polish or grind surface metal. No rivet heads, bolts, nuts, or washers. Plus, elimination of the associated equipment and cost of these operations.


Full fastener strength is developed. The weld is as strong as the fastener and the parent metal. Fastener will break or parent metal will fail before permanence of weld quality. Also, you don't reduce the strength of the parent metal because there are no holes. And with no holes, there are no leaks.


Precise location of your stud welded fastener. With simple tooling, a location tolerance of +- .015" is standard with portable equipment. With bench-type equipment, standard tolerance is +-.010". A location tolerance of even +-.007" can be achieved with special equipment.


A single worker can fasten Arc or CD studs, whether the equipment is a portable stud welder or an elaborate piece of production equipment.


Select from a wide assortment of standard, in stock, fasteners. We have a huge inventory, in stocking locations around the world. And if we don't have the one you need, we'll design and make a custom weld stud for you.